How to Write a Conclusion to Your Task 2 Essay


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First of all, well done for finishing up all of the previous lessons for IELTS Writing Task 2 on IELTS Boost. Good job, and thank you for the support.

In this lesson, we will learn how to write a great Task 2 Conclusion (don’t worry, it’s really easy!) We will start by watching a video (about 9 minutes), and in the video show you two completed essays to look at.

After the video, we’ll look at two more great Task 2 essays, with excellent conclusions.



So, here is what we learned about writing a great conclusion:

  • MAKE A CONCLUSION! Even if you only have 5 minutes left and have to abandon a support paragraph halfway through, DO IT!
  • Keep your conclusion simple. 2-3 sentences is the maximum. Don’t try to explain new ideas or concepts here; just summarize your argument.


Use the following structure for your Conclusion:

  • Restate your argument in different words, and make sure you address the task again.
  • (OPTIONAL) Give some advice, or a hope or prediction about the future.


Again, the conclusion is pretty easy I think, so make sure you do it because it's worth part of your band score!


Let’s Get Some Practice!


So instead of practice this time, I just want to show you a couple of complete sample Task 2 essays.

Keep in mind, these model answers are basically perfect and would receive extremely high (8.5 or 9) scores on the IELTS Writing Test.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of the grammar or vocabulary! You probably don’t need to get a 9.0 on your IELTS test :)


Model Answer #1

IELTS Writing Task 2 Model answer 2

        It is true that in the modern world, the differences between many countries are disappearing as the lifestyles of ordinary people converge. This is largely due to access to similar products like technology and television programming. This trend has both positive and negative aspects, but overall I feel that it is a negative development.

        One positive aspect of access to similar products is that it helps people from all over the world understand each other. This is because we are all able to see the same TV programs, access the same websites, and even eat similar foods. The result is that we feel a connection with people all over, and this helps us to have more positive feelings toward each other. For example, someone in a place like Japan can bond with someone in Canada over a translated Japanese television program they both watch, and in this way they can both connect with other cultures.

        For me, the major negative aspect of this homogenization of culture is that a country can lose its personality and traditions. This can happen when products that are more useful or cheaper from other countries replace those in one’s own country. This means that interesting traditions and special products can be lost, sometimes forever. For example, due to the prevalence of English (if English could be considered a product), many young people in China have lost interest in learning old Chinese language and characters, and have therefore lost an important tradition as well as a way to connect with their elders.

        Countries are definitely becoming homogenized due to similar product availability, and although this has more drawbacks than benefits in my opinion, it will probably continue. My hope is that countries are somehow able to retain their identity and traditions despite the availability of flashier, cheaper or more practical products from other places.

  • Notice that in the conclusion, the writer has restated part of the task with different words “countries are definitely becoming homogenized due to…”, and then restated their opinion that it is more good than bad.

In this case they have also given a hope for the future.


Model Answer #2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Model answer 1

        Being a good member of society is about being responsible and having good character. For some, school education is the most important factor in acquiring these qualities. For others, parents play the most important role in shaping a child’s character and giving young people a sense of responsibility. In my opinion, both education and parenting are important, but in the end, parents are the most important part of this process.

        Being a good member of society means having personal responsibility and discipline, and most people think that school is an excellent place to learn this. These qualities can be instilled by regular routines at school, such as coming to class and doing regular work. This gives a child a sense of value and the discipline to achieve specific goals, and thereby makes them a better member of society.

        While school provides children with routine and structure necessary for personal responsibility, most would probably agree that parents can help shape a child’s character on a deeper level. They do this by helping them to understand the meaning of their experiences. Parents spend the most time with their children and ultimately know them best, so they are best suited to do this. The result is that children can better understand how to navigate difficult experiences emotionally. For example, if a fight occurs at school, the school may be able to understand the situation superficially, but a parent can get to the real root of the issue and better guide their child.

        I don’t think that either school or good parenting are completely guaranteed to make a child into a good member of society. However, of the two, it is definitely parents who play the most important role in guiding a child’s character and personality. They do this by being there for them in difficult times, and giving meaning to their experiences.

  • In the conclusion, the writer has added a short explanation that adds to their point, and then summarized their opinion in new words (“of the two, it is definitely parents who play the most important role…”), and then summarized their support for this opinion (“They do this by…”).


So there you go!

Next, make sure you check out the next lesson, IELTS Writing Task 2 Review, where I will review all our Task 2 concepts so far, and break down a brand new model answer and show you why it’s great.

Good luck.