Find out the truth about your IELTS Writing.

So many people come into our IELTS Test Centre with the wrong idea about what IELTS examiners are looking for. They make common mistakes that are easy enough to fix, but how are they supposed to know that?
Sometimes we need expert advice. I encourage you to try a full IELTS Writing Test. You can practice any task type you want, and it's 100% free. It's also 100% identical to a real IELTS test.
Afterward, you may choose to submit your test for our feedback. Feedback is $49 CAD. Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed breakdown of both tasks according to the real Band Score Criteria used by IELTS examiners, along with model answers and a plan for what to do next. Here's what our feedback looks like.
example of corrected essay

Writing Correction

IELTS doesn't give writing feedback, so often you're stuck not knowing what you're doing wrong. Maybe you read advice online, but how do you know if you're doing it right?

I don't like wasting time. Life is too short!
Let's start taking care of this problem together, right now.

As a former IELTS examiner, I can tell you exactly what examiners are looking for when they decide your writing score, and I can tell you exactly what you need to do to improve it.
It is that simple.

Jon's style is fun and friendly and I always looked forward to his feedback! His explanations were very sensible, without giving overwhelming amounts of information. After his help I was accepted to a college where I recently graduated with a Business Administration degree.


Felipe Rufino

Financial Services

Jon’s teaching is lucid. He uses simple examples to explain complex ideas and grammar. His methods have helped me in my English learning and study, not just with IELTS but in my life and work as well.


Eric Zhu


Jon helped me for two months in preparation for my IELTS. From the start I was impressed by his explanations; they were fluid and easy to understand. It was absolutely helpful for me. In fact, I still use his concepts nowadays in my mother tongue. I have no doubt that I wouldn't have gotten a good score without his help.


Sergio Reis de Figueiredo


For me the best part of Jon’s instructions is the way he explains things. He does so in a way that is very simple and easy to understand. Also, Jon is a kind of stimulator, bringing energy and motivation. I can tell you that he was fundamental in my writing performance on my test.


Gustavo Albertim


Thanks to Jon’s IELTS instruction I was able to pass the Academic IELTS exam successfully and entered college to pursue my Post-Secondary Education. He was very supportive and gave me great tips and encouragement, especially with my writing, probably the scariest one for non-native speakers. I am very grateful for his help and feedback!


Sucel Fernandez

Direct Support Worker